2016 Graduate Teaching Associate, Human Sciences, Fashion and Retail Studies, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Research areas of interest: fashion industry and consumption, fashion brands semantics, slow fashion, ethical business, social responsibility in fashion, body and gender, aging, fashion media and health communication

2004-2010 Graduate Research Associate, University of Arts, Theory of Art and Media, Belgrade, Serbia
Research in the field of Fashion Theory. Textual theories of fashion analysis, social meaning of clothing. Fashion symbol data extraction, diachronic analysis and meaning interpretation. On-site surveys of historical photography, museum artefacts, and popular media in England, France, Italy, Russia, China, Japan, Middle East and Serbia. Comparative analysis of symbols through history, changes in symbol interpretation in contemporary context and postcolonial culture. Qualitative analysis of semiotics.

Doctoral dissertation research topic: Textual theories of fashion analysis, social meaning of clothing.

2006-2010 Senior Researcher, National Ministry of Science and Technology, Belgrade, Serbia
Senior Researcher – European Integrations in the Field of Art and Media Project on standardization and adjustment of media and artistic form in Serbia to facilitate the integration of the country with the European Union.

Project director for Evaluation of Printed Media in Serbia, Media Rhetoric and Content Analysis. Collected, analysed and published media rhetoric data (media articles and photography).

Research Awards:
National Ministry of Science and Technology, Best Doctoral Student Research and Dissertation Award, Belgrade, Serbia 2005-2010