Keynote Speaker:

Jestratijevic, I. (June 8th, 2018). Sustainable Fashion and Future of Apparel Industry. Going Digital, International Conference. Sustainable Urban Society Association (Strand), Belgrade, Serbia.

Invited Industry Presentations:

Jestratijevic, I. (April 19th, 2017). Sustainable fashion challenge. Presentation for Abercrombie and Fitch employees. Invited by Mrs. Kim Harr, Sustainability Director. Abercrombie and Fitch Headquarters, Columbus, Ohio.

Jestratijevic, I. (April, 26th 2015). Aesthetics and body modification. Presentation for Serbia Fashion Week guests, Novi Sad, Serbia

Project in process:

Green Buckeye certified team project in collaboration with Fisher College of Business, and Athletics Department, The Ohio State University (Autumn, 2018).

Conference Presentations:

Jestratijevic, I., Rudd, N. A., Uanhoro, J. (November 8th, 2018). Policies versus Practices: Transparency of supply chain disclosures among luxury and mass market fashion brands. International Textile and Apparel Association, Annual conference, Cleveland, OH.

Jestratijevic, I. (November 17th, 2017). Luxury and Global Markets. Presentation as a part of Special session on The Future of Luxury. International Textile and Apparel Association, Annual conference, St. Petersburg, FL.

Rudd N. A., Jestratijevic, I & Husk, S. (November 16th, 2017). Reflections and empowerment: body image letters to a younger self. International Textile and Apparel Association, Annual conference, St. Petersburg, FL.

Jestratijevic, I. (September 11th, 2011). Fashion under Socialism. Friends a La Mode. Regional conference. History Museum of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, Serbia.

Jestratijevic, I. (November 6th, 2009). Fashion and Eroticism. 5th Global Conference: The Erotic-Exploring Critical Issues. Inter-disciplinary Net. Salzburg, Austria.

Jestratijevic, I. (September 16th, 2009). Fashion and Fetishism. Fetishism and Popular Culture, International Conference. Independent Scholars. Istanbul. Turkey.

Jestratijevic, I. (September 6th, 2008). Postcolonial street style. Fashioning Postmodern and Postcolonial Bodies. University of Westminster, London.

Jestratijevic, I. (June 5th, 2007). Fashion images and Printed media. Art and Media in the process of European Integrations, International Conference. University of Arts in Belgrade. Serbia.